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lunch break 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
Telephone: +7 (7152) 46-27-53, 46-98-81
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk, Abaya Str., 57

Компания Атлас Казахстан

Main business area of Atlas Kazakhstan Company

— Exporting — — sale — — supply — — trading —
Grain crops

Grain crops

(wheat, barley, rye, oats)
Oil crops

Oil crops

(rape, flax, sunflower)
Industrial crops

Industrial crops

(wheat, ground corn products, oilseed meal, mill cakes, bran)

Export prices

Export price in dollars per tonne including VAT 0% as on __.__.2016


Name of the station Wheat of class 3, with gluten wheat of class 4 wheat of class 5 Barley Highest grade flour First grade flour Rape Flax Chickpea Pea Grain mixture Oats Terms of delivery
23-24% 27-30% - class 2                  
Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Incoterms
Petropavlovsk Station (South Urals Railway)                            
Sary-agash Station                            
Lugovaya Station                            
Tobol Station                            
Aktau Seaport                            
Bekabad Station                            
Khairaton Station                            
Kudukli Station                            
Sarakhs Station                            
Free on wagon                            

Atlas Company LLP exports to different regions of CIS as well as to EU countries. We have well developed and for a long time used channels of cooperation with various corporations and manufacturers. Our specialists provide our partners with high quality goods in the shortest time. Grain and oil crops are usually shipped by railroad and automobile transportation. Our logistics partners organize transshipment and freight at sea and river ports quickly and professionally.


The sales geography of Atlas Kazakhstan Company